March 6, 2020 – 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Why Should You Be a Sponsor for the Keep the State Red Networking Event and Mixer in Greenville, South Carolina?

There are *6* Major Highly-Valuable Benefits of being an Exclusive Sponsor of the event, but before we get to these Tremendous Benefits, let me ask you a question…

What are Qualified Leads Worth to You Over a Year in Your Business…

Possibly $100,000 or $50,000 or $25,000 or $10,000 of Revenue depending on your business and the products/services you offer?

As we all know, our business depends on generating qualified leads/buyers long-term.

At the event, you’ll have the opportunity to share your business with like-minded people that believe in conservatism, support capitalism, and want to patronize local businesses like yours. These are qualified leads for your business long-term.

The event host, John Di Lemme, will share throughout the event the importance of supporting the event Sponsors that own and operate local businesses, which is the key to maximizing capitalism and taking advantage of America’s booming economy.

REAL People…REAL Results…REAL Revenue!

"I've been a Sponsor at *3* Keep the State Red events. I met so many great people that were genuinely interested in my business

I've generated over 40 qualified leads (buyers), which resulted in thousands of dollars of business."

- Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Holistic Healthcare & Nutrition Expert, Florida

"The Keep the State Red Event was amazing! I shared my business with hundreds of people and sold over a thousand dollars in products just at the event.

That doesn't include what I'll sell after the event or the new customers that I'll acquire. The is a huge opportunity for any business!"

- Hallie Minich, Network Marketing, Ohio

Gold Sponsors

The Gold Sponsorship includes...

  • Benefit #1: A few minutes of focused time to share your Business, Product, Service, or Organization in front of the room to all of the Patriot attendees during the main speaker presentation section of the event. This is the most powerful part of the event, because you have a captive audience that are fired up and excited about doing their part to Keep the State Red and support other Conservatives
  • Benefit #2: A 6 foot Sponsor Table to share and market your business throughout the entire 3+ hour networking event. The event begins at 6:00pm and ends at 9:30pm, but many times, attendees are so excited that the want to hang around even longer. Sponsors have access to the event room an hour prior to the event starting to setup their table. All Sponsor tables are positioned inside of the event room so that they have direct contact with all attendees to network and extract contact information (name, emails, numbers, etc) of qualified leads for your business plus offer your products, services, memberships, etc.
  • Benefit #3: Your Business will be featured numerous times as Sponsor in an exclusive email sent out to all Conservative Business Journal subscribers and the Keep the State Red Event attendees from South Carolina event and all previous Keep the State Red events. That is an invaluable marketing benefit that extends beyond the event and promotes your business to other Conservatives that were not in attendance, but are interested in supporting Conservative business owners.
  • Benefit #4: A Special Podcast recorded by John Di Lemme, the host of the Conservative Business Journal Podcast, featuring the Sponsor's business information. The Podcast will be heard by tens of thousands of people across many different podcast platforms including...
    • - iTunes & IOS App
    • - Android App
    • - Google Play
    • - Soundcloud
    • - Stitcher
    • - Spotify
    • - Facebook
    Plus featured long-term on the Conservative Business Journal Podcast page and the podcast will be sent out to all of Conservative Business Journal subscribers and the Keep the State Red Event attendees from South Carolina and previous events. This is another marketing benefit to promote your business that reaches outside of the Keep the State Red event to tens of thousands of subscribers that listen daily to the Conservative Business Journal Podcast. The Podcast features some of the top Conservative leaders and influencers in America including Liz Wheeler, Jordan Sekulow, David Harris Jr, Kevin Sorbo, and others courageous Americans that are changing the face of our nation. View all of our guests and listen to the podcast where your business will be featured at
  • Benefit #5: A featured post on the Conservative Business Journal as Sponsor of the Keep the State Red Upstate South Carolina Event that will be viewed by thousands of Conservative Business Journal subscribers long-term. You will also be able to share the link to use in your Business Marketing Promotions. This lets all of the Conservative Business Journal subscribers and readers know that you are a business owner that stands firm on your Conservative values and wants to preserve the Conservative values that America was founded upon.
  • Benefit #6: Your business, product, service or organization will be featured in the event program that goes in all attendee goody bags for the Keep the State Red event. How many times have you given your business card to someone that you met at an event only to never hear from them again, because most likely they lost your card? Well, this won’t happen when attendees leave this event, because all of your contact information will be inside of the event program that they definitely will not throw away. Plus just think, you can open up the program and show them your information so they know exactly who you are!
  • HUGE Bonus for YOU: John Di Lemme’s Ultimate Success Closing & Marketing Success Library of Products to Maximize Capitalism and Earn More Revenue than Ever ($497 value)

Platinum Sponsors

The Keep the State Red Platinum Sponsorship Package is for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, or Organization that want More Exposure and Leads

Our Platinum Sponsors receive all *6* Benefits of the regular Sponsorship package plus they receive the additional benefits. But first, how do you know if being a Platinum Sponsor is the right choice for you? Ask yourself…

How much money have I spent on Facebook ads and social media advertising, tradeshows, radio spots, flyers, mailers, and other advertising to extract interested leads that ultimately produced little to no results?

The average small business in America will spend between $18,000 to $135,000 in advertising/marketing a year, and most of it doesn’t convert as we all know.

The Major Benefit of being ONLY *1* of *4* Platinum Sponsors at our Keep the State Red Event in South Carolina is…

You will get the full list of names and emails of the Conservative Patriots attending the event including those that attended and those that signed up but were unable to attend. This will give you an opportunity to follow-up with everyone after the event to further market your business, product, service or organization.

All Keep the State Red events have an average of 200 to 300 attendees that support capitalism in America and want to further ignite President Trump’s roaring economy by buying products and services from Conservative businesses.

Once again, ask yourself…How much money have you spent on advertising to get qualified leads for your business in your local marketplace?

Having access to a list of names and emails of Conservatives just like you is an invaluable resource that will enable to market your business, product, service, or organization long-term after the event concludes.

Plus *2* Other Powerful Benefits of the Platinum Sponsorship include…

  • You’ll have a full page marketing flyer that you provide inside of all of the attendee goody bags that promotes your business and includes your contact information, specials, discounts, etc. This is just more phenomenal exposure for your business!
  • Your business information will be shared on John Di Lemme’s social media pages…

    That's OVER 50,000 More People Interested in the Conservative Movement in America that will Learn About Your Business!

The goal of the Keep the State Red Networking Event and Mixer is to not only keep the state of South Carolina red, but also elect Conservative Republicans as our leaders, promote South Carolina’s economy by empowering Conservative businesses, and re-elect Donald J. Trump as our President in November 2020.

As a *1* of the *4* Exclusive Platinum Sponsors of this event, you are choosing to play a crucial role in making this happen and standing up for America by making your voice heard!